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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 The morning of the Avera Breast Cancer Race!
 I was running for Veda, one of our friends/computer lady from USF, as well as my moms sister, and a young mom from our area.  What a great cause. . .when I was on the last stretch and tired, I thought of these ladies and it kept me going. 
 It was my dad's first race!  Thus the number 1 :)
And wouldn't you know?  My dad beat us!  GooF was nice and ran by me. . .more like ran a few feet in front of me, and every once in awhile turned around and faced me while he kept running. . .backwards :)  He took time to high five people watching.  I just ran.  My dads time?  27:15.  GooFs time 28:58.  My time 28:59.  I was pretty excited that I made it under 29 min.  Maybe next year Ainsley will be running with us. . .I am planning to help coach "Girls on the Run."  After we were done running, we met up with our brother and sister and their new little guy (they had done the family fun walk)!

All in all, that race is a blast! 

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Bethany said...

Great job Emily! Keep running!