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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Day in the Life of our 19 month old

19 months, right? It's hard to keep track with the 4th.  Ryker has hit the age where he likes to do things "by my ownself" as I used to say as a toddler.  Since he doesn't say too many words yet, I'm just assuming, by his actions, that's what he's trying to say.  His newest word is "wa-wa" for water, and for every other drink.  Yes, their sister got all the brains :)  Just kidding.  But anyway, today he was determined to dress "his ownself". . . 
 As you can see in the next pictures, he didn't get himself dressed.  But he did manage to get his sister to put a moby wrap and baby on him, like she was wearing.  Again, not by saying too many words, but by pointing and making noises :) 
                                            Seriously, is this safe guys?!

 He really doesn't like to be dirty, and often gets himself washcloths while eating breakfast.  But, he found the mud and is not quite sure what to do about it :)  His mom, meanwhile, is taking a picture. . .lol.
 Rock climbing, and rock throwing.  He managed to throw his shoe over the edge too.  Thank goodness for that not only smart, but also sweet, sister to go fetch it for him. . .

The what some might call "terrible 2's, 3's, 4's" have begun, but so far I'm still finding him humorous.  The thing that really makes us laugh is his "angry eyebrows" he got from his older brother.  He definitely lets you know with them, when he is not pleased.  Our friends who we switch date nights with watched him tonight (btw "what to expect when you're expecting". . .funny movie) and got them alot :)  As did the dr and nurse at his last checkup.  Really, truly, though, I am still enjoying him so.  He says "mom! mom! mom!" loud and clear, and he makes a great lil sidekick!
Mommy loves you baby boy. . .xoxoxo

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