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Friday, February 4, 2011


we PLAYED all day!

PAINT, PAINT, we like to PAINT

LAUGH, LAUGH, we like to LAUGH

made me laugh. . .only in Brookings would they have a mama/baby pig exhibit :)

BUILD, BUILD, we like to BUILD

EAT, EAT, we like to EAT

lunch break and Trey was ready to pay. . .ooops, that was play museum money in his pocket. . .we returned that :)

take cover!!

or maybe we'd RATHER not

CLIMB, CLIMB, we like to CLIMB

or so it looks. . .Trey was a tad bit scared

SPRAY, SPRAY, we like to SPRAY

What a wonderful family day. . .7 hrs spent creating, exploring, experimenting, pretending, and PLAYING! And the kids wanted to go back the next day. . .

I'm happy to report that I don't have to end this post by saying Fought, Fought, we fought all night ;) But I'm sure they did Hop on Pop when we got home!

-thanks Dr Suess for the inspiration

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