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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bring on the Steak

Mom said, "Bring out the teethers!" Dad said, "Bring on the Steak!" We were so surprised and excited to see a tooth poking through at the young age of 4 months!! And now the second bottom tooth has poked through!!! I, of course, had to pull out the baby books. . .

Ainsley's 1st tooth. . .6.5 months!

Porter's 1st tooth. . .5 months!

Trey's 1st tooth. . .8 months!

Ryker 1st tooth. . .4 months!

Each child truly is uniquely created by their Heavenly Father! Just when we think we have discipline figured out, the next child needs to be trained differently. . .just when we get new clothes in one childs closet, the next child has grown. . .you get the picture :) They are amazingly different, but thankfully HE is always the same loving God!

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