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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"It's beginning to look a lot like. . .

baby" around our home! The kids and I made a paper chain, so we can tear a link off every day til it's their baby sibling's birthday!!I have been getting asked numerous times daily, "How are you feeling?" I am so thankful that so many people care. The answer is, MiXeD fEeLiNgS!

I am loving having this child grow inside of me. . .feeling its every movement, its hiccups, its breathing, and trying to figure out which of its limbs are poking out. BuT, I am so excited for when I can feel its every movement, hiccups, and breathing while holding him/her in my arms or upon my chest.

I have been joking with friends that I want this babe to stay inside, because I know soon enough there will be a loss of sleep, diapers to change, breastfeeding, laundry, etc. BuT, I am so excited for those tiny diapers to change, the closeness of nursing my baby and tiny clothes to wash. Notice, I didn't say I'm excited for the lack of sleep :)
I am enjoying my belly bump. BuT, I am looking forward to having a waist again:)
I am nesting like crazy. BuT, at times like now, I have my feet up watching football.
I am soaking up this pregnancy. BuT, I can't wait to soak up this baby, along with my husband and children!

Until then, we shall take one link off of our chain daily. And continue on with daily life. . .today Grammy treated the girls in our family to an "American Girl Tea Party" where we got to hear an American Girl author speak!


Hollie said...

It's getting so close! I don't miss the no sleep thing but now that Callie will be 1 in 4 days I look back at the time when she was tiny and that time was so short lived(I know you know that already and I know you realize how quickly it goes by, except for when you are actually getting not sleep it can seem like forever:) Can't wait to see pics of the newest little bundle!

Lindsey said...

Your nursery looks great! Except it's just missing one very important thing...Your little bundle of baby ;)