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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Bending over with a "two wks to go" tummy,

to tie your shoes (not to mention loosening the laces because your feet have um, grown), is quite an ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Learning to sew a changing pad
while your expert seamstress of a mom sews you a super cute diaper bag

Reading all 40+ "Henry and Mudge" books from the library and reading books as fast as daddy can bring them home. . .
is quite the ACCOMPLISHMENT!
Posting all of the cute photos I've taken recently of our kidlets, is too big an accomplishment, so it's football watching and baby name book browsing for me. . .


Lindsey said...

Love your diaper bag! Your mom is a talented seamstress.
Only 11 days to go!

Tracy said...

I love the fun!!