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Saturday, August 29, 2009

T-man turns Two!

For Trey's 2nd birthday, we had the 2nd annual backyard beach bash!Trey is such a sweet little two year old. He is a pretty compliant little guy. . .he plays by himself well, loves to read stories, eats lots of fruit and macaroni and cheese, talks well but won't show off, is full of smiles, cruises on his hand me down motorcycle, goes to sleep nicely in his big boy bunkbed, and loves his big siblings ("AZ") and friends. He does occasionally throw a fit, make a mess, or say "mine," but he is two after all. I love to snuggle him!

Ainsley says, "he's funny, he's cute, he makes funny videos and pictures."

Look alike shots at 2 yrs. . .Trey and AinsleyTrey and Porter. . .
Happy Birthday my "baby boy" We love you!

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JulieM said...

Doesn't the time fly on the 3rd one! He's looking like such a big boy!