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Monday, December 15, 2008

-12 degrees

I did NOT just give my children a game to play that I had planned on giving them for Christmas! And even if I had, it wouldn't have been because I needed something new to play on this freezing cold day in which we have to stay inside! NOT ME!

I did NOT find my youngest sons shoe in my tampon box. I would never let him play with tampons, and even if he had, he wouldn't have left his shoe in the box. I was not completely and totally overjoyed that I found the shoe, that the real reason I was looking in that box didn't seem so bad. NOT ME!

I did NOT hear a loud thud from the kids room. When I went in there to check, I did not see my middle child ready to jump from the top bunk AGAIN. He then did NOT proceed to show me how he can jump from the top step of the bunkbed ladder to the floor, "JUST LIKE A ROCKETSHIP!" NOT PORTER!

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Megan said...

it is really, really cold. we had a cookie exchange last night and i was THRILLED that it was at my house- so i didn't have to go anywhere! whew!