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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Exploring Downtown

We spent the afternoon exploring downtown today.  I'd slept in and not packed GooF a lunch, so we took the opportunity to meet him for lunch at the Falls :)  Ainsley had fun sportin her new summer do. . .

Ryker. . .pretty proud of himself for climbing up the rocks. . .

 Headed to the trolley. . .
 Ryker was seriously cracking us (and the others on the trolley) up.  The driver was telling about the buildings that we passed, and the years they were built etc.  Ryker was repeating him in his deep, loud, slow voice.  Too funny. . ..
After our stop at the library, waiting for the trolley. . .
 They must be homeschooled, right GooF?  Either that and/or their mom said something to them about using kind words or else. . .before they left for the outing ;)  Either way, it was a fun afternoon spent exploring downtown.

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