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Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby #5

Feb 6 I pulled into this parking spot at HyVee to share the news with Ainsley :)  Baby #5 is due to arrive around the last wk in Sept! :)   "Really?  Squeeeeaaaaal!!!!" was her response.  The boys were equally excited, although Ryker was looking around for the baby and couldn't find it :) 

I informed GooF of the news on Jan 24th with a little "guest blogger data science 101 post" about the Top Reasons you know you're going to have an even bigger Data Set of kids ;)  We had a few weeks there with our fun little secret (that I was not very good at hiding) and then I started feeling sick to my stomach and thought we better share.  If you recall, when I was pregnant with Ryker, and hadn't told anyone, Ainsley informed her Grammy that "mommy threw up in the kitchen sink."  Thought that may be a giveaway if she started seeing that again :)

How am I feeling this time?  Let's just say that on Valentines Day, I found out that I love zofran this pregnancy.  Grammy has been making deliveries to our house the last few days with things like lunch for the kids and apples.  So many deliveries in fact, that Ryker pulled out some food from the freezer today and said, "from Grammy." lol 

I have had a few "you know you're pregnant when" moments, such as "You know you're pregnant when you gag looking at pinterest recipes."  Or what about "You know you're pregnant when there are 6 kids at your house and you think, 'they'll wake me up if they need me' so you lay down for an afternoon nap."  Also, "You know you're pregnant when you are too sick to your stomach to do anything about your 2yr old licking up fun dip off your couch."  Thus, my new love for zofran. 

We are all really excited and thanks to those of you that have sent us sweet words of congratulations :)  And for those of you that know orphans have been on my heart for some time, we may still end up needing that 12 passenger vehicle at some point ;)  We are thanking God for this new gift of life and we love this little one already.  And zofran. . .did I mention that?  :)


Sara said...

congrats! i heart zofran as well...and abhor pinterest, those pictures!

Jen and Willow said...

Auntie Jenny is SO excited!!

Judy Marn said...

Special congratulations to all the Swanstrom family...loved your blog news and fun announcing to all! Ou are so clever, talented and creative! Glad for the zofran for you!
Looking forward to being great aunt and uncle again!
Lol, Judy and Steve