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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend Festivities. . .

I love the city we live in. There are so very many fun activities to do with your family, from downtown carriage rides (which we will make it to someday!) to decorating cupcakes at the local bakery!

We can't fit them all in, but the kids had a great time today. . .

they enjoyed Peter Pan with Grammy and Grampa and feeding camels at the live nativity.

We still had a little down time at home, enjoying our 14 month old!

As well as our big kids, who have been running off to play together more and more. . .I love me a couple boys in their hoodies ;)

(Yes, he is standing in the fridge. . .boys like to open the fridge door a lot I've learned!)

(and yes, this is how Porter wanted to pose :) Boys are funny, I've also learned )

Porter had his school Christmas program and he did so well (he only needed a little reminder from his teacher as they were lining up to keep his eyes on her. . .as the pics on the right show, his eyes were on the girl next to him before their songs began :) )

I am so thankful this Christmas season, for God's perfect gift, Jesus. For life, for allowing me to be GooF's wife, and mommy to Ainsley, Porter, Trey and Ryker, as we enjoy the Christmas festivities together. Thank you God.

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