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Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Sunday Evening at Grammy and Grampas House

Every Sunday evening we go over to my parents. . .a lot of memories have been made with the cousins on Sunday nights. . .plus, it's nice for my sister and I to not have to cook and to catch up! Tonight, we acted out the Baby Jesus story. . .I got to help give out parts, so of course I got to be Mary, GooF got to be Joseph and Ryker got to be baby Jesus :) Ainsley and Taetum were the angels( their flower girl dresses got some more use). Porter took his part as a wise man very seriously with his crown and gift of gold. Trey was a "baaaaing" sheep :) While Bridger was a "sheep dog" ha. Grammy and my sister were shephards, with my sister wearing her daughters little robe :) My dad. . .well, he's a pastor, so any other part in the story I gave him. . .GooF said I gave him all the leftover parts (innkeeper, another wiseman and such). My parents set up the videocamera. . .this one will be a keeper :)

Mary. . .pretending to be pregnant. . .see, I play the part well. . .I've had lots of experience in that area
Baby Jesus in his "manger"

The wise men bringing gifts. . .

Another Sunday evening memory made.

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