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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trey's 1st Day of Preschool!

Trey was ready. He's been riding along in the minivan for the past 3 yrs, helping drop his big siblings off at school, and finally it was his turn!! He walked right in, handed his teacher, Miss Holly, an apple he picked for her from the orchard (and got a big hug from her. . she is so sweet and kind hearted). Then he sat down in his spot and got to work. No clinging to me like a big sister I know. No needing kisses and hugs like a big brother I know. Mr. Independent didn't even so much as say goodbye :) He's off on adventures and I'm so excited for him! About an hour later Ainsley said, "I wonder what Trey is doing about now." I had been wondering the same thing! From the sounds of it, he had a great morning! When we picked him up he let out a big, "There's my mommy!!!" OK, so atleast he was still excited to see me when I picked him up :) And he was very excited to show us all that he made, telling me everything he made was for me :)

This must be a self portrait :)

Everthing I asked him, he replied, "Yes I did!" With his face lit up with smiles. This sweet boy of mine is gonna make a fine young man!

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Bethany said...

Way to go Trey! He sounds a lot like Elliott! When she sees her line walking down the hall to her classroom she lets go of my hand and jumps right in without saying good-bye- I have had to start getting hugs out at the car. Wish they could meet each other, and that we could have coffee while they're at school. :0)