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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today after church, we spent the day on the soccer fields.Coach GooF and the girls team
Ainsley got a shot on the goal today. . .it was a great shot but hit the goalie in the stomach and didn't make it in. She also did a great job defending her goal!

One of the best parts of soccer is the friends

It was Trey's 1st game today!! He has been going to games for the last few yrs, and was a tad hesitant but once he started there was no stoppin him :) He scored 6 goals. . .Coach GooF looked pretty proud!

He and Bridger worked together well!

Coach GooF and Porter's team. . .he got a compliment on how patient he is with these kids :) Porter's fav position this year is defending the goal. . .aka giving the ball a big kick when it comes his way :)

When did our kids grow up?

Such a fun time in their life though!

Today, I also was reflecting on Sept 11, 10 years ago. We were newlyweds, living in Ames on that day and I was student teaching in kindergarten at St Cecelia Elem. I got bits and pieces of the tragedy that morning as I was teaching, but didn't know much, and didn't know if something horrible was going to happen to us, but we didn't want to worry the kids, so it was pretty much kindergarten as usual. I remember thanking God for my family and the opportunity to marry GooF that previous summer.

Well, time for bed. . .better go check on Trey, who is asleep in his jersey since he fell asleep on the way home from the games :) Hard work scoring 6 goals. . .not that dad was counting or anything :) I love my family.

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