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Monday, July 18, 2011


"Hey guys, Ryker here. I will be guest blogging for my mommy. The topic? Camping. You see, I'm only 9 mo, but I'm well travelled! I've been down to Missouri, over to Colorado, up to MN, and last wknd we went to the lake because my big sis was at a church camp on the lake. My smart mom thought us boys would want to camp too, so she got us a cabin at the State Park. But this here picture of my dad was right before he got bugs in his shorts. . .

and these here pictures are of my biggest bro hanging out on an intertube my parents got on their honeymoon. .

and me, I love the water. I splash, splash, splash!!

There was a lot of playing with/throwing rocks!

And my big bros laughed and laughed as the boats made big waves for them!!

My dada is the best creature spotter around and caught a toad!

Looks like fun, right? Well, the water was. But the heat was not. Here my daddy and brother were trying to start a fire. Our firepit was right out in the sunshine and all around it was cotton from a cottonwood tree. The cotton stuck to our wet feet and our flip flops were just covered in cotton! It looked like snow around our cabin! They did get a fire going for smores, but not until after we went into a town for supper :) Yep, you heard right. My parents decided to forget the hotdogs and instead take us to an air conditioned restaurant. I went with no shirt. Everyone thought I was so cute, but my parents felt like we were a tad 'underdressed.'

My parents say it was a "memorable" camping trip. . .a dirty, sweaty, sleep deprived one. Me? I just wanted to be able to crawl, and there was really no good place to do that with the cotton and all. My mommy took me on a long walk and it brought back lots of memories for her of camping when she was little. . .bike rides, the sounds on the lake, the chatter from campers, singing around the fire, the yummy food over the fire. But, we just might be more of a day trip family at State Parks at this point in the summer. Sunday morning we went to the church camp service since Ainsley was singing up front. My big sis had a BLAST at camp. She was tired, but wanted to stay longer. She jumped off a (nonmoving) speed boat, canoed, and learned so much about 'thankfulness' and Jesus. I'm sure there will be many more years of church camp to come!" Ryker

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Hollie said...

I have so many fond memories of church camp growing up, so glad Ainsley got to go! Ryker is 9 months! That doesn't seem possible time goes so quickly. He is such a cutie! Wish we lived closer to get the boys together to play!