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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Picture Perfect

or not. . .Ryker was asleep and the sun was in their eyes and im jealous of my daughters shoulder muscles ;) and GooF says atleast Kit looks good :) I had to laugh, imagining many holidays to come, in which a "perfect" family photo is just not gonna happen. But since we are far from perfect, that is quite all right. And all the more reason that we need a Savior! I did have one. . er, two. . .takers on posing pretty

It was a lovely Easter day. . .a day to rejoice that Christ is Risen and we are set free from our sins. . .it was filled with church, "resurrection eggs," (aka one of the best ways to teach the Easter Story to kids!)Easter egg hunting, beautiful weather,
friends, and family!

Thank you, Lord, for your sacrifice! We rejoice that you are alive!

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