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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Your Birth Story

Your big sister and brothers love to hear the stories about when they were born! And now, you have your very own birth story. I was scheduled to have a csection on Friday morning, Oct 15, at 7 am, and needed to check in at 5 am. I woke up around 2ish with crampy contractions that ended up being 3-5 min apart, so Grammy came over and we headed to the hospital a little early so you could be monitored. As we anxiously WAITED for 7am to roll around, they did some prepping. . .gave me an IV, etc. . .we did some praying. . . and I remember thinking, only 2 hrs. . .only 1 hr. . .only 30 min. . .til this baby is going to be brought into this world. . .he/she has no idea! Your daddy got to wear a fancy "space suit" as he called it, and as he changed into it, I was wheeled into the operating room to get my spinal etc. When I got into the operating room, there was EXCITEMENT in the air! This was it. I was about to meet my baby. The radio was on, and they turned it to 96.5 at my request, which the others in the room liked also. A nice nurse let me hold (squeeze) her hands while I got my spinal. . .then I layed down and waited to feel numb. Before too long, they brought GooF in, gave me some oxygen, I felt calm :) and I could feel them working on my tummy. The doctor commented on my beautiful stomach (good to know :) )numerous times and gave me a play by play. Then I felt them pushing you down and out and waited for the sound of your cry. That has got to be one of the absolute BEST sounds in the world. . your childs first cry. And there it was. I remember getting teary at the sound of it. They said, "It's a boy!" which we were pretty sure about, and daddy said you looked like Porter. The anesthesiologist said you were a big one, someone asked what time it was, and soon they asked if we had a name for you. We named you Ryker Matthew. We found the name Ryker online with baby names, and Matthew is your daddy's middle name. Plus, Matthew means, "gift of God," which I love, because God gave us you as a gift! I was smiling and teary, as they began to stitch me up and I could see them working on you via a monitor placed by me. Then I began to get the shakes and lightheaded so had to close my eyes and rest a bit. Before too long, they moved us to another room, where I got to breastfeed you for the first time, and watch as the nurse gave you your first bath. You peed all over yourself so she had to clean you again, and she couldn't figure out how to comb your very curly hair. She was trying to get you to cry, to get the gunk out, but you just didn't really want to. Getting the gunk out of you was the story of your hospital stay, but we'll save that for another day. My friend, Kristi, was thankfully allowed to be in the operating room taking pictures of your birth, and captured your small hand holding onto daddy's finger for the first time and such. . .some of which is not blog material :) Ryker Matthew, We are so thankful for your life, and that God chose you to be our son! You are snug in your moby wrap as I'm typing this, already almost a month old! We love you,

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CycloneMomma said...

Love it! Wish I had thought to have them put on music! Something to distract me and what a special thing to have the first sound your child hears be praises to our Heavenly Father.

Love you guys!