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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank you God for the gift of children

Come October, we will welcome a 4th child into our family!
Valentines morning I woke up sick, but by the time we went to church, I was feeling great! We knew. The next day I bought a pregnancy test, and the following morning I took it. GooF was at work and he texted, "Are you pregnant, you must be or you would have told me no by now?" To which I texted back, "good thing we saved the crib, good thing we have a five bed house, good thing we have a minivan with an extra seat, good thing ur a good daddy and husband." I have written down all of our texts from that day, which I will cherish. . .texts about getting our money back on our natural fertility method :) and texts about maybe if we didn't tell anyone, no one would notice :) Well, that didn't last long. . .Ainsley informed my family that I threw up in the sink and Porter told my mom I had a baby in my tummy. . .or atleast he thought my tummy felt that way :) And NO, we hadn't told the kids yet! During this time GooF and I exchanged many knowing looks and smiles. . like when I had a heaping bowl of cottage cheese at my moms before mealtime :)

On March 17, when I was around 8 or 9 wks along, we sent the kids on a scavenger hunt around the house with baby clues. All lined up ready for the hunt to begin. . .Ainsley thought for sure she was getting a new doll. Porter just wanted another scavenger hunt :) They were all pretty cute and excited when Ainsley guessed what the clues meant!! Then we sent out a text to our families and friends with a picture of the positive pregnancy test. We got some great texts back, and had some laughs as some family members couldn't figure out what it was a picture of :)
I have been feeling good, other than the normal morning sickness/tiredness/gagging while changing diapers etc. GooF is so supportive, and hands me toast after I'm done throwing up in the am. So far I've been able to mostly enjoy the pregnancy. . .minus the moments of sickness/sleepiness. . .but even those make me think of the baby and reassure me that I am indeed pregnant!
I am thinking I'm 11 wks along, and that we're due around the 20th of Oct but will find out more at my first appt. We will most likely have a scheduled csection, which we are good with. We would love the surprise of waiting until birth to see if this little added blessing is a boy or girl! I don't have a "feeling" yet. . .I feel like we're on a roll with boys so it may be a boy, but a girl would even it out so it may be a girl. . .like I said, "no feeling yet." Whoever God wants this little bonus to be!

The kids are very excited! Trey asks daily for the baby to come out, to see the baby and hold it. Porter says he loves me even more when I have a baby in my tummy. And Ainsley is already planning how she'll help me out! When baby #4 comes along they will be 6 1/2, 5 and 3. . .all able to dress themselves and buckle up themselves! In case you were wondering, like I was, in 13 yrs they will be 19 1/2, 18, 16, and 13. . .all teenagers for a short while :)

They all think my belly is growing, and by the waist of my jeans getting tighter, I'd have to agree :)
When I look at this photo, I think "Really? I have 3 kids and a 4th on the way? Thank you God for allowing me to be their mommy!" And I also think of the mud I wiped off Ainsley's sandals this day.
It's demanding. But it's rewarding. Thank you God for the gift of our children.

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Andy and Jennifer said...

I am soooo excited for you guys! You will handle four with the same grace you handle three! I was so impressed at your calm wipe-handling of the sandal!