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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The story of our morning

Setting: (Children watching the innocent enough looking tiger)

(Tiger then stands up, turns his backside towards the onlookers and sprays pee on them. Flipflopmama is able to turn her face away, but Cohen gets pee all over his face)

(Onlookers leave the zoo, but then need to return and retrace all of their steps because Ainsley lost the princess part of her watch. . . they don't find it :( )

LATER. . .
Setting: (Eating lunch at the kitchen table after a busy morning at the zoo)

Flipflopmama: "Trey? Are you ready for mommy to read you stories?"

Trey: zzzzz

(All in all, the family had a fun morning at the zoo with good friends, and looks forward to many more outings this summer!)

1 comment:

Andy and Jennifer said...

I hardly saw you at the zoo the other day! Wondered where you had gone...