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Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear lil baby #5,

Today I got a glimpse of your head, spine, and beating heart (the dr guessed heartrate was about 160/170). What a joy it was to see you moving inside me. You are such a miracle. . .your Heavenly Father is knitting you together and I am so thankful to be your mommy. Ainsley got to see you also, via ultrasound, and apparently Trey thought we were bringing you home today. . . he had a lil meltdown when he found out otherwise.   Trey is also the one who told me if I drink water and you don't know how to swim, that you will drown.  The kids are working on a list of names for you. . .pretty sure the boys would name you after a ninjago character if it was up to them. You are somewhere between the size of a plum and a peach. . .two of my favorite fruits (although apples have been my fav this pregnancy). . .and no doubt, you too, will be my favorite. . just as each of your siblings are.  Truly, it was just as amazing to see a glimpse of you as it was of our first.  I look forward to feeling your movements as you grow, and come the last wk in Sept, holding you in my arms. 

ps. . .MOPS pregnancy annoucement drawings are NOT reliable.  I drew a Twin Bing. . .there was one little one in the ultrasound even though daddy still thinks it's #5 and #6 ;)

Love, mommy

A child who will remain nameless just asked why the baby is still small if my tummy is big lol
                                                                            12-13 wk baby bump

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