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Friday, July 27, 2012

Air Show

The kids all had a blast at the airshow this year!  We had been watching jets fly over our house for a few days before. . .every time we heard them the kids and GooF would run out onto the deck to watch :) 

Ryker was COMPLETELY fascinated. . he LOVED the jets!
Porter w a real policeman and part of the swat team (one of our friends from college)

Trey lookin cool
and stayin cool, squirting misting water into his mouth :)
Trying out all the aircraft was a huge hit. . .

As was relaxing in the afternoon, eating some ice cream, and watching the parachuters and blue angels overhead!

We cut the sleeves off the boys' airplane shirts. . .Ryker has been zooming around toy airplanes and making airplane noises since. . .
Some outings with 4 kids are super fun, and some are well, just plain memorable.  The air show was a super fun one!

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