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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Church Camp

These girls were counting down the days and hours til church camp!  It was finally time to pick them up and go!  The drivers made a quick stop for frappucinos :)   After settling in to our cabin, etc, it was waterfront time!  They were the first ones in :)

 See that inflatable launcher thing out there?  I was launched. . .for the love of my niece :)  She wanted to be launched, so I climbed up the inflatable climbing wall on the back after her. . .when we got to the top, she decided to take the slide down.  Me?  I went to the launch pad :)  And let me just say, it's a lot bigger than it appears in the picture.  My niece gave me a 3.5 on my launch efforts.  Nice :) 
 Of course, there was singing around the campfire at sunset and smores

 And "super peanut stories"  in the cabin :)
 The girls were so sweet and included another little girl from our cabin who hadn't come with any girlfriends.  She also joined in on our morning "hair salon" :)  Ainsley and Taetum, ready for a day of singing, tire swinging, camp store, boating, games,
 and of course, crafts!

I am so thankful I got to spend time at church camp with these girls, as they grew in their relationships with each other, and most importantly, God!

The "shephards" and their sheep :)

 Thank you God, for these girls. . . may they always know how very much you love them!

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