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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter in a nutshell, or an eggshell

Probably my favorite part of Easter this year was just before bed. Porter asked why we hadn't really celebrated the "real meaning". . .in my mind, we had some. . .church service and resurrection eggs. But he wanted more, so we had a family Bible time before bed, telling the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. . .talking about new life in Christ. Trey asked Jesus to be in his heart. That evening made me want more family Bible time, and it made me thankful for Porter's school as well as how God is working in our children's hearts and lives. As far as our Easter weekend festivities. . .

there was running to Auntie Em with eggs,

and posing by gramma's flowers. . .There was a bundled up stroller ride,

and football gear sportin. . .

There was. . .well, the pic speaks for itself,

and hidden eggs.

There was sweet treats,

and a decent family photo :) Decent meaning, we are all in it!

There was matching dresses from Grammy,

and plenty of outside time!

And that was our Easter weekend, in a nutshell, or an eggshell, or something like that!

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