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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The tale of a 4th child

With my 1st child, she rarely made it to the top of the table (not because she wasn't a runner and a climber) but because I had a watchful eye on her, took the time to clear the plates right after we ate, and then we engaged in play together.

With my 2nd child, he made it to the table top, but I quickly would say, "Tables are for eating on. . not for climbing on" as I quickly removed him.

With my 3rd child, I'm sorry but I can't even remember. . the other two were still babes themselves. . .lol :) But I'm sure it went something like this. . .Ainsley: "Mommy, mommy, baby Trey is on the table!" Porter: (grabbing baby Trey off the table) Me: (pulling my hair out ;) )

With my 4th child, I saw him on the table, thought to myself "he's entertained, atleast I know where he is, and I need to get child #2 out the door to school." And then I thought to myself 5 min later (after wiping up the orange juice he spilled on himself while up there) "atleast he's getting full of leftover pancakes. . .and he's already a mess, I might as well leave him." And then I thought to myself "I should really take a picture. . this would make good blog material." As he himself started to climb down (full of syrup) I took him straight to the tub. Then fresh diaper, and after some peekaboo and giggles under his bath towel with mommy, he was on his way. . .to turn our dishwasher trays into a vehicle, motor sounds from his mouth and all. Hey, the thing has wheels!

And I got a few moments to pour my tea and clear the table.

Maybe I've lost it. Or maybe I'm better off :)


Sara said...

Is it bad that we're already there on our third?!?! :-) Our foster baby lives up there. Don't tell the DSS folks, 'k?

Christin said...

Well girls, I hate to tell you this, but I've already let my first child do such things. Maybe it has more to do with my age? =)