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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Day Trey rode without training wheels

(alternately titled "The post in which I brag about Trey")
This was THE DAY for the Trey! He got on a bike without training wheels and off he went, so we took the training wheels off his bike. Never mind that he rides his sisters old bike. . . This kid has got some God given natural athleticism like his dad. . .

Before long, he could start himself, and he was standing up and pedaling. Not long after, he was riding across ROCKS. . .such a boy.

As you can see, the whole neighborhood was EXCITED for him. Leading the pack. . .

Well, minus Ainsley, who was a little sad that both of her brothers can ride without training wheels before her. . .that girl would rather run. Trey also wrote his name today. . .

AND, he had a preschool picnic. I love his preschool. It's small and feels like a family. Trey can't wait to wake up in the morning and ride more bike :) I just love being his mommy. I love being mommy to all of them actually, but today was Trey's day to shine!

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Bethany said...

Way to go Trey! I always forget that he is Elliott's age. I don't know why but he seems older to me. Maybe because he can do cool things like that! Kind of relieved that it's not just Abbey who can't/won't ride without training wheels! Have fun riding bikes in your SD weather, it's still too hot here to ride after school.