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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tonight, so many things I'm thankful for keep running through my head. I am thankful. . .

that when I asked my daughter if there's anything she wanted to pray about she brought tears to my eyes by saying, "Ivy." I am thankful for Ainsley's reminder to pray for Ivy, our Compassion Child, more often.

that when GooF asked Trey what to pray about, it brought a smile. Trey wanted to pray that we have more than five babies :)

for a half hr spent snuggling with Porter today, in which the baby was "kicking" at Porter the whole time. The baby made Porter giggle. . .what a fun beginning to their relationship.

for my husband who stops mowing the lawn to catch a frog for the kids. for little boys carrying around a frog.

for a town in which I run into other moms I know and can chat with. for friendships.

for the way the book "Crazy Love" (that we've been reading for Bible Study) has been challenging us this summer.

that I need to stop typing because I have a child waiting for stories.

Thank you God.

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