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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Birth Story ~ Porter William

In Aug 2004, Ainsley was 9 months old, and we went on a vacation to Kansas City, and then to Wichita, for Uncle Mark and Auntie Jackie's wedding. . .On Tues, Sept 7, 2004 I took a pregnancy test while GooF was at work. Then I got busy making Ainsley a "big sister" shirt. When GooF walked in the door after work, he saw Ainsley in her "big sister" shirt and said, "Really??" We were both excited!! We could only keep our excited selves quiet for 2 days :) On Thurs, Sept 9, 2004 we called all of our family and friends to tell them the news!

Oct 8~ my first OB appt and we got to have an ultrasound! The doctor thought my tummy was measuring around 12 wks, but it turned out I was 8 wks, 3 days

Oct 25 ~11 wks and we heard your heartbeat at our appt

Dec 16~ultrasound. . . we decided to wait until your birth to find out if you were a boy or a girl!!
you were sucking your thumb a lot during it. . .We watched the video of your ultrasound MANY times!!
Around 20 wks a blood test showed an "increased risk" for Downs. Mommy and Daddy and our families prayed for you. We knew we would love you no matter what, but mommy so wanted you to be healthy.

Dec 25~ Daddy got to feel you kick for the first time! What a precious gift on Christmas morning! We put a blue and a pink present bow on my tummy

Dec 29~ We had an in depth ultrasound and praised and thanked God that everything from your heart to your brain to your precious little hands and feet looked healthy! But still, we did not find out if you were a little boy or girl! We wanted to be surprised at your birth, and what a surprise it was!

March 17, 2005 (2 months away from your due date!!!!). . the baby bump

another peek at you. . .we saw some chubby cheeks during this ultrasound. . .9 months pregnant with baby #2 and I was ready to pop! During my pregnancy I craved chocolate and coke :)

Ainsley at 18 mo and ready to be a big sister! Lovin on her little bro. . .

Yes, still waiting. . .May 23, 2005 ~ I had an appt and the doctor did a little ultrasound in the room to check on you. My tummy was getting crowded and the doctor was worried about the low amount of fluid in there, along with you not reacting to my little contractions. So, she said it was baby time. I got all excited and nervous. I came out of the appt to a waiting daddy and Ainsley and said, "We're going to have the baby!" Daddy was glad. Around 8:30pm Grammy and Grampa arrived to stay with Ainsley and around 9:00pm we drove to the hospital praying the whole way while Grammys and Grampas, relatives and friends prayed too. It was time to get you out!

10:30pm~ pitocin and had my water broken

2:30am~ epidural

6:00am~ 6 cm dilated

7:00am ~10 cm dilated

Got asked if I wanted more pain med, but just wanted the babe out! 3 pushes and out you came. . .

May 24, 2005 (7 days overdue) at 7:28am they announced "IT'S A BOY!" Porter William, I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. My first question was, "Is he healthy?" They assured me, that yes, you were a healthy baby BOY! I was SO EXCITED! I was now a mommy to both a daughter and a SON! You weighed in at a whoppin 8lb 15 oz and 22 in long!! You were named after your Grandpa Bill.

We called our family and I remember Auntie Stephy telling me, "You will raise such a nice young man." Me, a girl with 2 sisters, a mom to a BOY! Ainsley was overjoyed and loved to point out your nose, eyes, mouth, etc. . .

I remember clearly the BLUE that started arriving in my hospital room! A balloon and teddy bear that you still sleep with from your Aunties. A blue gift bag filled with blue sleepers, blankets and bibs from Grammy and Grampa.
What a handsome little man. . .

Our bundle of boy!Porter William, as a 4 and 1/2 yr old you are full of energy, you are as strong willed as you are sweet, you are funny, and most of all you are a child of God! I thank God for you and I love you! Jesus Loves you too!! You and your proud big sister. . . And that, my son, is your birth story.


Mike said...

sweet....he's such a great kid.

Lindsay said...

that was me :0) -lindsay

Bethany said...

You forgot the part about how you called me in Texas to tell me you had a BOY! I was a little mad that he waited so long to come out that I missed it. :0) It's funny how you can look at his baby pictures now and see, yep, that's Porter's handsome face!